We’re Back!

Hi, readers. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? We’ve been busy. Our little boy has been growing so fast. He’s a running, playing, crazy adorable, wild and endless source of energy. And we bought a house, which brought with it a billion projects, repairs, and improvements. We’ve been working so hard to settle in and make it our home.

But, we’ve also been worn out. Let’s just say that it’s been a long winter. We unexpectedly lost one of our cats a few months ago, our furry little buddy Boots who had been a part of our family for eight years. And we’re finally out from beneath the record-breaking two billion inches of snow that Mother Nature dumped on us this year. Phew!

We’ve still been cooking and making our favorite meals, but we haven’t had the energy, time, or desire to search for new recipes, try them, photo them, blog them, etc. Until now! We’re finally settling into a new kind of normal, and after a good break from blogging, the itch is creeping back up to return to one of our favorite hobbies. There are new recipes to be made! Old recipes and photos to be improved! Food to eat!

If you’re still reading this out there, thanks for sticking with us. And if you’re a new reader, we’re so looking forward to sharing some of our new favorite recipes with you. We’re working on some redesign around here, and we have so many improvements in mind. We”ll be back with new recipes next week.

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a girl, two guys…..

I haven’t made mention of it here on the blog yet, but for the past nine months Brandon and I have been cooking up something pretty awesome. Our little family grew by one when we welcomed our son Benjamin on August 23, 2012. We couldn’t be more in love.

Since we’re now a girl and two guys, we’re making a few changes to the layout around here, though it’s a still work in progress. We’re so looking forward to sharing our meal times with our little man in the coming years!

In the mean time, we planned ahead and have quite a good selection of posts that we saved up over the summer for this busy time in our lives, so we’ll still be bringing you recipes each week.

Here’s to family and food – two of life’s greatest things.